Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Use of Vlookup formula in Telecom

Vlookup Formula used in Telecom

Telecom is all about the numbers, Be it subscriber,revenue,churning or retention, Telecom people talks only in numbers and about the numbers.This needs several analysis methods which all based on mapping of the right database against the right set of subscribers. This mapping can be done many methods but we use one of the most reliable excel function, called as 'VLOOKUP'

There are 4 components in the VLOOKUP formula. Three are mandatory fields and one is optional.With VLOOKUP, You will filter out the needed information for you regardless of the volume or organization of the database. 

1) Lookup_value – The value you want to look up. 
2) Table_array – The table of data you want to look up 
3) Col_index_num – If you find a match, which column of data you want to pull. 
4) Range_lookup – Put in FALSE to find only exact matches

We will utilize the previous sample excel to understand Vlookup in better way.The below image shows the criteria which we needs to follow to get desired results.
Once you fill up the above criteria ,The VLOOKUP formula would automatically look through the list of your objects and only pick the corresponding data. The mapped value is the result of 'VLOOKUP' formula.
The sample excel contain the data of LOCAL usage done by subscribers and has mapped against Master sheet.

The below image is showcase the scenario by using VLOOKUP formula.
Vlookup Formula

Vlookup can make your work easier and faster when you want to look up some data from the huge volume.
This is the basic formula which every working professional should know, especially if you want to work in the analytical environment then VLOOKUP is the must for them.

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